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Default Re: Will James Harrison Be Back In 2013?

Originally Posted by Steeler7BR View Post
We have to bring James back there is no question. He is still a very important factor to our defense and we need him back.

Which would be no big of a deal if we reconstructure it which we hopefully do. I think then his cap charge is only 5 mil and a few which is a absolut great prize for a dude like James.

And I'm very shocked actually to here these things from all you steeler fans. This freekin' nature trained his butt of the last pre season to get back in shape. He flew to Arizona to make kind of an special oxygen training to get back in shape for 2012. Then right before pre season it was obious that he needs knee surgery and he worked again his butt of to come on the field as fast as he can and played great through the strech of the season. Definitly not 100% healthy all year and now you say he's not worth it? Common give this dude his well deserved pay check and let him come back for another one or two runs at the Vince Lombardi.

Another word maybe to Hampton and Woodly who actually had a way worse year then James. Hampton came in not healthy either and had great games in the 2nd half of the season and Woodly also was unhealthy all year very sad but not much you can do there.
$5M cap charge is a lot to a team that is currently over $10M cap limit.
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