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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
you mean the marty-ball offense where the 2 TDs in that game were touchdown passes to Wallace and Miller?

You mean the same marty-ball offense where Ben threw 40 times in that same Denver game?
Lol! This was the response after I talked shit on the offense after the Denver game. "40 passes to 26 runs! da stillerz ain't run da ball enough!"

Yo, their running game was snuffed out because of how predictable it was and Ben had to bail the team out on 3rd down and at the end of the game when the defense couldn't stop Peyton. It's not about the number of run or pass attempts, it's about the way they are used.

I'll give you the Bengals game - but, maybe because he was throwing terribly and had 2 ints. 14/28. Same with the Denver game. 22/40.
Which proves he can't bail the team out from their stupidity all the time. Again, you look so much at the run/pass ratio but you fail to consider the circumstances in which the plays are run. The Steelers stubbornly ran on first and second down, which made it easy for Denver's defense to stop. They had to rely on Ben at the end because they had no choice.

Now in contrast, look at how the Broncos ran the ball that day. They were unpredictable in the way they did it, and they used a lot of no-huddle. They weren't pissing their pants over time of possession, nor were they concerned about how football was played in the early 70's.

Ben's high flying offense has nothing to lean on - no proof of production - none.
And Haley's offense has proof.....?

Ben had two super bowls before Haley came along.

I would explain to you that ball control offense don't score many points, but it seems to go in one ear and out the other, so I won't bother.
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