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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
First off... If we tried to run our offense like NE or Denver... Ben would have been killed and we'd probably be no better then a 6-10 team. You seriously think Ben could run the offense that Brady is running? What on earth makes you think Ben can carry an entire offense on his own w/ a NE style offense? What has he ever done to make you think that? If you say won SB's... you are crazy... because those SB rings were not won by Ben.. yea he's a good QB... but he's not Brady or Manning... People need to wake up and smell the coffee... Ben is not in the class of Brady or Manning... they are passers.. Ben is a gamer..hes' tough...he's resilient.... he's not even Brett Favre...(which some of you like to compare him with) To say Ben is like Brett favre is utterly ridiculous.

you cannot just ask Ben to use his arm to win games.. and NOT only because Ben isn't accurate enough or quick enough with his decision making... because our O-line is not good enough to run that offense. Our O-line did start to gel around mid season...and we started to look damn good. Then the injuries happened. Also in case you didn't notice Ben was given the key's to the offense when he returned from injury... he failed miserable. Maybe injuries were a part...but the other part was the cast around him wasn't capable either.

Haley's offense looked pretty damn good early in the season. We didn't score more points under Arians style offense of swing for the fences every time you get the ball. I understand the thinking by Arians actually... when you have a HR hitter like Ben... try to hit HR's.... the problem is NFL defenses can slow that down...and they did. Ben aired it out often but we didn't score points. The Rooney's believe in small ball... Haley believes in that philosophy.. Ben doesn't. Until Ben realizes who he really is.. we'll struggle... if he accepts the philosophy we will win playoff games. It works...especially when you have DL's defense to help.
I think Ben is a little better than you give him credit for, but I think you absolutely nailed it. Especially about the line. He rarely has time to go down field and when he does there were drops or he missed them. If anyone is not happy with the log ball, look at the attempts, I'll bet there were plenty and they only connected on a few.

And yeah Ben cannot play like manning or brady and vice versa.

Where do you get your suspicions on handing the "Keys" over to Ben in the second half of the season? I had the same suspicion but if there is more to it than that, I'd like to see it.
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