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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
No I see it - he just won't buy into something other than the idea of him being in control, which, doesn't work.

Those other two guys know when to listen and learn and go from there. Ben portrays that he is above it - hence, plateaued. If Ben progressed, then maybe they would go more no huddle.

Some of the Arians lovers fail to recall that Arians wouldn't let Ben go no-huddle that often either. There is a reason - and Ben, and his receivers, are a main part of that - not enough discipline.
You didn't just said that Ben isn't good enough for the no huddle are you. Do you know who was running it in a success at the start of the season. Joe Flacco and you tell me Ben can't run a no huddle offense? Ben is a very intelligant Quarterback and well capable for no huddle but the 2 guys you mentioned there they just wanna run the show like they want it to be and aren't open for something else. It's maybe out of topic here but the same thing is destroying the Lakers at the moment. An open for nothing coach thanks Mr. Haley.
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