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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

Originally Posted by lardlad View Post
I think Ben is a little better than you give him credit for, but I think you absolutely nailed it. Especially about the line. He rarely has time to go down field and when he does there were drops or he missed them. If anyone is not happy with the log ball, look at the attempts, I'll bet there were plenty and they only connected on a few.

And yeah Ben cannot play like manning or brady and vice versa.

Where do you get your suspicions on handing the "Keys" over to Ben in the second half of the season? I had the same suspicion but if there is more to it than that, I'd like to see it.
I think when our O-line went down...and took our running game with it.. we really had no choice to put more pressure on Ben to score points. I also think Ben had been lobbying for this all season... he got his way and it flopped.

As for Ben's talent.... me saying hes' no Brady or Manning or even Brett Farve is not saying he's no good. He's damn good. Ben is a HR hitter... he's a gamer... he used to be clutch also.... problem is HR hitters also strike out a lot when they swing for the fences. That style puts more pressure on the defense...we needed a shift in offensive style... the owners demanded it... our talent demanded it. Ben is a great QB... but he's not any of those HOF qb's being mentioned. The stats prove it.

Ben has always struggled to consistently score points... that's' just a fact. Blame it on the coaches, blame the talent around him, or maybe blame it on Ben's talent? take your pick... but lets face it.. Ben's had the chance to carry the offense in the past... the offense still struggled to score. It's time to accept it...and maybe try a new philosophy on offense. I think Haley brings that to the table.

I think Arians success in Indy also supports my thinking... his QB is a true passer now. Not saying Ben is bad... I'll probably argue that Ben is a HOF qb after all is said and done. It's just a difference of skill set.
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