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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

Folks complain that Haley did not go deep enough with Wallace this season. What happened when they did send Wallace some long ones? They bounced right off his hands or he watched the defender comeback for the pass he was supposed to catch.

Last offseason, the same people who want Haley's head, were the ones who were saying that we need to run the ball more to take some pressure off of Ben. They were the same people who were always saying things like : "Even if the running game is not workng at first-- you have to be patient and keep at it". They were the same people who used to get furious at Arians empty-set offenses that did not even feature the threat of a possible running play.

Folks complained that Haley did not let Ben run the no-huddle enough. What happened when they did? Lots of pick-6's as far as I can see.

Folks complain that Haley kept the "reigns" on Ben too much this season. Well, we were 6-3, Ben was having a career season, the offense was racking up ridiculous ToP and keeping our aging defense fresh (a defense that I noticed is not getting any of the blame of this season), and Ben was actually being mentioned in MVP conversations.

Fast forward a month to December. They give the keys to the offense to Ben. He reverts back to his "hold the ball forever looking for an option downfield that isn't there" behind a ramshackle offensive line. The team goes 1-5, we watch in horror as Wallace puts deep pass after deep pass on the ground. The run game struggles behind an Oline that is 40% rookie.

Finally, the fans blame the OC and want him out of town after one season.
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