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Default Wallace for....

Interesting thought-- I admit I have not yet looked into the "capology" of it, or if it is even possible, but....

Supposedly the Patriots are interested in Mike Wallace. Wallace does not really fit into Haley's system that well, and he has hands of stone.

On the other hand, the Patriots have a WR that they are trying to part ways with, after he had his most productive season with them. He is alos a phenomenal possession and slot receiver, which would fit in our system better than a deep threat that can't catch.

How about Wes Welker for Mike Wallace?

I think this WR corps would be pretty respectable:

Antonio Brown
Manny Sanders
Wes Welker
Jericho Cotchery

It does not have Wallace, but still has LOTS of speed, experience, and when you throw Heath in there-- we would have some realy good hands for Ben to throw to.

Wes Welker would not drop passes that hit him right on the hands....Wallace would be a perfect Trojan horse to give the Patriots. He would take Brady passes away from Gronk, Hernandez, and Sanders and waste them by putting the bal on the ground like he always does.
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