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Default Free Agency should have a stigma attached to it.

Should attaining big names in Free Agency come with some sort of stigma?

The New England Patriots are driven by developing their own talent. They drafted Brady, Gronk, Hernandez, Spikes, Mayo, Wilfork, the offensive line, etc. They've taken undrafted free agents that other teams thought were worthless (like Woodhead, Welker, etc) and made them successful.

This is why the Patriots under Kraft and Belichick are so successful, like teams like them.
Year after year after year after year of contending for Superbowls.

Contrast this with the Jets who tried to buy themselves two Superbowl rings, completely sacrificing their future for a present that is now the past. The Jets went to two back to back AFC Championships on the power of free agency. Now they're destroyed, in shambles, with so huge a salary cap problem still anchored to them because of that run that they're only responsible option is to trade Revis and all their names for draft picks and accepting the fact they're finished in the division for a decade.

Teams that dump huge amounts of money into free agency, signing aging, already established stars with blockbuster contracts, try to buy themselves out of irrelevancy but find themselves relegated back to it the moment their stars drop off and they have no future and no cap space.

These teams (Jets, Broncos, etc) are just filler teams to mix the seasons up while the real teams (Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Giants etc) rule the league with consistency.

It's one thing to plug holes with free agency, but selling your team identity for one Superbowl run at the expense of the future is pathetic. About as pathetic as Bronco fans latching on to the Colts legacy like parasites. The nationwide support for Tebow and the Broncos of 2011 was organic. The team had an identity.

Now it's just the `Peyton Manning in orange` team.

Signing big names in free agency should come with a stigma. It should be considered lowly.
It should automatically mean your coach is awful and your organization is bush league and your fan base is desperate and shameless, willing to pay any mercenary to wear their worthless jersey and help them get a meaningless win they should realistically take no pride in.
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