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Default Re: Could we still be a contender if...

Hampton - Good as gone. Played well near the end, but they don't get paid to only play the last 5 games of the season.... Let the McClendon/Ta'amu era begin.

Keisel - Also played great as the year wore on, but see above. Time for Heyward to earn his check.

Wallace - Good riddance. Sell this Trojan horse to the Patriots.

Mendenhall - Should be kept, if possible (for a discount). So far, none of the other RBs on our roster has shown us that they can be THE MAN and carry the rock for 300+ times per season, nor break any long runs around the outside. Redman is great, but not an every-down back. Keep Mendy so we don't need to burn a pick on another RB when our defense has so many holes to fill.

Foote - Descent MLB that we should keep at a discount for depth and leadership.

Lewis - Legit #2 CB. Bring him back at all costs.

Colon - Keep him only if he takes a BIG paycut, because at this point, we would rather Foster's consistency and lack of neutral zone infractions. The Colon has been around for like 10 out of the last 52 games...

Starks - Needs to be kept for depth and in case Gilbert or Mike Adams don't pan out next year, although Kevin Beachum's descent play this year emans that we already do have some depth.

Harrison - Showed that he still has that playmaking ability towards the end of the year. Keep him if he agrees to a discount, as so far, neither Worilds nor Carter has shown that they can fill his shoes. Heck, with the way Woodley has been playing, we might need to look at having to replace him too soon.

Polamalu - As with Harrison, he still has a good year or two left in him, but needs to take a discount to stay around. Has been injured for most of the last two seasons.
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