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Default Re: Could we still be a contender if...

Originally Posted by PhantomJB93 View Post
Not all of them. In Mendenhall, Colon (he's good but he never plays anyway), and Hampton we're not losing much at all, as Dwyer and Mclendon were both more productive and Foster was perfectly fine and has played more recently anyway. Harrison and Keisel have possible replacements lined up but it may take a year for Heyward and Worilds to adjust to being full-time starters. I think I would trust Allen to step up in the event Lewis was let go, but at the same time if THAT many players were released I would sure as hell hope Lewis could be re-signed.

Wallace's production, as much as I hate to admit, will be hard to replace, even after this off-year for him. He gets TDs, plain and simple, not many others do. I'm expecting him to leave but I think his absence will be more noticeable than many are expecting. There is NO reason for Starks to not return unless HE chooses to retire. He's earned the starting LT position and quite honestly I'd be insulted if I were him how every offseason plays out for him recently. He's done nothing but be consistently reliable and I'm not ready to just give that job to Gilbert yet. I'm still assuming Foote will be replaced in this draft, and hopefully Spence could play well for him if not.

We can lose a lot of people and still be a contender, but not everybody. We need to keep one of Lewis/Foote and one of Keisel/Harrison depending on who we draft, and IMO Starks NEEDS to be kept.
I think the reason Wallace scores TDs while the others do not-- is because they don't target them in the red zone enough!

Wallace takes touches away from more capable WRs on our roster the same way Randy Moss was hurting the Patriots in his last year with them. A guy like Wallace or Moss is a huge temptation each play for QBs, and when they fail to produce when the QB tries to force the ball to them, it is double-bad because they took possible scoring opportunities away from the other guys who might have actually produced.

He will make a great Trojan horse for the Tom Brady scream and whip that stupid haricut of his around when he starts chucking easy passes to Wallace, only to have them end up on the ground.
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