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Default Re: Ben admits he rushed back too soon

Besides the first post I did not wade through all the others so what I am posting does not reflect any response to any ones previous posts. I am sure they range from Ben is making excuses again, to Ben defenders saying it only proves this was not the norm. IMO it means nothing. Ben was injured pretty bad, (at least according to Doctors, almost life threatening) I assume with the Drs approval, and Bens say so that he could be back to normal. Who am I or anyone else to say he wasn't, as an NFL player I am sure nearly everyone has played through injuries at times. Example Troy while back after multiple game injuries did not appear to be 100% but after a couple to three games he was more like his self.

One final thought I do believe that Tomlin has to grow some balls and from time to time pull his players in. Ben should not of played last year against the 49ers (easier call in hindsight for sure though) and perhaps he should not of played as early as he did this year. I know as a former player of many sports I prided myself of playing hurt and "rubbing dirt on it and continue". Any player worth his salt will do the same, Coaches especially in light of the new policies of the NFL regarding concussions and other injuries have to make judgments that will likely not endear them to players or fans, and it may just cost them a game here or there. If that is the case then really "What else is new?"
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