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Default Re: Ben admits he rushed back too soon

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
to our New England fella - I'd have to disagree with you on Ben's toughness.

Ben's toughness is what kept the offense alive enough to still make some difference to compete over his career - he won a SB with one of the worst O-lines ever. I don't think you want your man Brady anywhere behind the O-lines Pittsburgh fans have had to endure

Have you had to witness a bloody and bashed Brady limp, gush blood from his face, and still pull a victory out of his ass in the waning moments up against an elite Ravens D in M&T, with the division on the line?

Have you had to witness Brady being the only option to even compete @ San Francisco with one leg?

I consider your man Brady the best in the business. However, toughest QB to ever take the field in modern football? That goes to Ben, hands down IMO.

I will agree with you on Ben talking way too much though. I wish he would be more like Brady in that regard. I do think with Ben, as far as talking about his injuries - I think its a way for him to psyche himself up when he's in pain - just my two cents.

By the way - good luck in the playoffs. I hope you guys don't have to go to Denver for your team's sake.
I agree with you man and, our NE friend is dreaming if he thinks that Brady would have the same success if he played behind the steeler oline. Brady would be in the fetal position or on the sideline throwing a temper rant when things don't go his way. Sure their are times when Ben needs to throw the ball away or just take the check down. Easy for us to say that and, back to our NE friend Ben does not have 6-8 seconds like Brady has most of the time. Give Ben that type of protection and, the sky is the limit.
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