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Default Re: Steelers’ offensive front may see familiar faces leave

i think foster is gone.some one is going to offer more money.
Starks and Colon can not be let go for nothing.
I know this is not usually done but what about a sign and trade(Starks)
If we sign and keep him at Lt i would not have a problem but i think we could get value in a trade.
2 teams
chicago-need a LT and where the draft the top LT with be gone.For them to move up in the first round it will cost at least a 3rd round.SEE if they would give us their 3rd round
Miami-their Lt Jake long Is a free agent and is going to demand big money.Sign Starks and trade him for 3rd round.Miami could use the savings to address other needs in free agency.

Colon should be traded suggestion
Jacksonville-they need line help.TRade for forth round.

I think both deals are fair.We get draft picks and cap space.
Trade partners get to upgrade areas of need with proven starters instead of hopeful draft pick
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