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Default Re: Fire Todd Haley!!!!!

Originally Posted by Steelers58 View Post
Firing Haley is not the reason were home, it all boils down to Ben making horrible decisions, all the time we hear Ben makes something out of nothing, yep, true enough, but how many times have we seen him tracked down and planted in the turf, this guy is in the prime of his carrer but still hasent learned to throw the ball away
Some quotes as the NFL Network weighed in on Ben's comments about Haley in late October.

"I can only speak on my time with Todd Haley. I didn't feel like we were dink and dunk at all. I mean, we were fifth in the league in big plays- 20 plus yards pass plays.... Big Ben is on pace to throw more than we did that year and we were fifth in the league. I still think the Steelers are taking shots." Kurt Warner

"(Ben needs to) take what the defense gives you and don't out your offensive coordinator. Some of these things you have to keep in house. I mean we murdered TO (in the media) for this but with Big Ben it's not a huge story. I'm glad we are talking about this right now." Marshall Faulk

"Mendenhall is coming back from an injury so the dink and dunk becomes your running game because you didn't know what kind of running game you were going to have. My issue with it is this, Ben Roethlisberger, once you say this now you just gave Antonio Brown, Mike Wallace and Sanders the ability to act nuts on the sideline if the offense isn't going well... and that's what you don't need right now if you're the Pittsburgh Steelers." Michael Irvin

"Didn't we all see this coming? The quarterback who has never been reined in, never been told he is holding the ball too long, never been told he is spending too much time in the pocket, never been told these things. Now he has Haley for his offensive coordinator. I have gone up against Haley's offense and he is fiery in every way, shape and form." Warren Sapp
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