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Default Re: Ben admits he rushed back too soon

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Have you ever separated your shoulder AC joint? Have you ever separated your SC joint?

I am not trying to point to stats to prove a point like you are...because statistically speaking, the average human has one testicle and one breast. Hiding behind stats is bullshit.

I can tell you from experience that its difficult to make an overhand throw with any velocity with a separation and it hurts like hell.

So all the whiners blaming Ben's INT vs Dallas on poor decision making are likely haters that dont understand that he probably makes that throw if he can put strength and accuracy behind the throw.
My point is that he played OK in his first 2 games back. The season was still salvageable. He played terribly against Cincy the furthest game away from his injury.

I do not believe he was badly hurt. I believe he was healthy. I do not believe that Haley would design a game that was 44 passes vs 17 runs against the Chargers if Ben was hurt.

If Ben had been hurting during that game then Haley should not have designed a game the following week of 44 passes vs 17 runs for the same result.
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