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Default Re: Ben admits he rushed back too soon

Originally Posted by EbonySteel86 View Post
I don't know about that. Charlie record when filling in for Ben is pretty good. I think he could of got us at least 2 of those 3 losses.
All we needed was 1 extra win - that's it. I'd give Cincy better chances than us to go into Houston - facts are facts - they might not score a lot - but they don't shoot themselves in the foot quite as often - they had the edge on us this season - and some predicted we would be the odd man out this year

This team (and while I've Ben bashed plenty - there is plenty of blame to go around, for segments of the season, as well as individual game - 1st with the defense, then with the RBs, then the WRs, then Ben.) couldn't protect Heinz in a win or stay home game - that is very telling of the whole season. Critical situations - found ways to lose. You can point to Den, Tenn, Oak, CLE, Balt, SD, DAL, Cincy and find 8 different reasons why our fave team is sitting at home

Ben is responsible for 2 of the 8 losses IMO. Cowboys, Cincy. I won't bring up the pick 6 in Denver because I see the defense's poor 2nd half performances in the first 3 losses as a larger reason. I put CLE on the RBs, Injuries on Balt game at home, WRs on SD.

What do you see in my assessment?

3 out of 8 losses, the defense is responsible
4 losses are a direct result as the offense as a whole, 2 of which because of Ben. His supporting cast didn't help him out
1 loss to injury - injuries will cause you to lose when you get decimated - I dont make excuses but it will contribute - just slightly in my opinion
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