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Default Re: PPG: Steelers Report: A Look Back At Disappointing Season

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
I don't buy the '' he's a new dad'' excuse. Most players have kids and he can afford a live in nanny. That's just a dumb excuse in my mind. I gurentee he got a good night sleep before every game
You've obviously never been a parent.

You can have a nannie, or wetnurse or whatever, but when that baby so much as "cooos" and makes a sound-- you wake up. That is father's instinct-- been ingrained into our nature far longer than throwing footballs has been.

Whether you have a nannie or not-- being a new father CHANGES EVERYTHING. Mentaly, emotionally, and even hormonally.

Besuides the sleep-- do you honestly think Ben's pmental priority the last month or two has been to make sure he logs extra time in the filmroom everyday, and studying his new Haley-infused playbook? Or could it have changed to "I want to go home to be with my son"?

Pro football is such a competitive sport, that even a slight mental lapse on the part of a crucial position like QB can result in one or two bad throws per game-- and that is the difference between being 8-8 and 10-6.
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