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Default Re: PPG: Steelers Report: A Look Back At Disappointing Season

Maybe not all of us are hanging our hats on a three game stretch for one season?

All the Haley apologists looks back to the games against the Bengals, Redskins, and Giants and say "Look! It worked!"

Really? It had nothing to do with the fact that the Bengals and Redskins were playing their worst football of the season (11 drops by WAS receivers in that game). Or the fact that the Giants generally start their mid-to-late season slump in November? Same could be said about the games against the Jets, Eagles, and the Ravens the second time - all teams that were slumping or beginning a skid.

Perhaps some of us aren't just ready to hang our hats on the Haley offense when you already have a QB that is 10-5 in the postseason, 3 SB appearances, 2 SB wins.

"But Haley will make him better!"

All those 3rd and longs early in the season suggest it was Ben making Haley look better actually.
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