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Originally Posted by NEPatriots View Post
No, but that's because we lack a receiver with the speed to break open down the field.

There's no way the Patriots would trade Welker for Wallace.
The Patriots will sign Welker after this season is over. We're still paying Ocho Stinko this season and that money will be Welker's starting next year.

We'll also want to go after Wallace. Pats fans have been talking about it since last season. He would be a great replacement for Branch. It would be Wallace, Lloyd, Welker, Woodhead, Edelman, Gronk, Hernandez, Brady, Ridley, etc. Dangerous.

I'm just not sure we'll be able to afford him. Our cap situation right now is favorable but we'll probably sign Talib to a few years because he's transformed our secondary.

We could -and probably will- offer Wallace 4 to 4 and a half million a year to play for the Patriots for 2 seasons. That, IIRC, is what we'll have to play with in FA after resigning a name or two on our offensive line and shoring up Talib and Welker.

He'll get more elsewhere, but if he wants a Superbowl ring and big money contracts in 2 years, he'll take something like that
You won't get Wallace for $4M - $4.5M/year, even if Gisele Bundchen promises to blow him after each practice session and each game. Let's be serious.
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