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Default Re: PPG: Steelers Report: A Look Back At Disappointing Season

I think these two Knowledgeable writers hit most of the problems on the head. I love that they spread the so called "blame" around because this was a team failure. While I will defend Ben for taking most of the blame he has to shoulder some of the issues for the late season collapse and his inability to pull out at least a few of those close games. I think the Steelers lack an identity right now, they do not know if they are a power team, a finesse team, a cerebral team , a big play team, or a dink and dunk team. They lack the RBs and the hogs up front to be a true power team, not sure Ben is the caliber of QB to run a sophisticated offense like a Peyton, or the Dink and dunk like Brady, but I feel they tend to be more of a finesse team with big play capabilities. I would love to see some commitment to a better running game, but unless we can get some consistency out of the OLine and the RBs I foresee more short yardage shortcomings.
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