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Default Re: PPG: Steelers Report: A Look Back At Disappointing Season

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Sorry but I have a one and a 5 year old. I spend every second awY from work with them and my job never suffered foe one second because of them.
Not trying to be argumentative, but...

a) You are not an NFL QB. The duties, expectations, and amount of time you have to put into your job may not be on the same level.

b) Big Ben is NOT you. We already have read many times that Ben is NOT a filmroom junkie at all, without the added distraction of having a newborn around. You may very well be a better professional than a lot of the guys we watch on Sundays and think the world of.

An NFL QB cannot spend "every second away from work" with their kids like you did and expect to succeed. That is a job that requires you to spend a lot of your own personal time studying the playbook and analyzing film in the off-hours. That is, unless you want to be Mark Sanchez or throw costly pick-6's to lose games in the final moments.

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
I'm sure there are a few parents that can't handle parenting and work but I'm not one of them and I wouldn't expect a professional athlete who really only needs to give it his all one day a week to be one either
So....NFL QBs only work one day a week?

The state does not even think people should handle being a parent to a newborn and work at he same time-- that is why they offer 12 weeks of paternity leave for all new parents, 6 weeks paid, 6 weeks not. Most workplaces also feature some sort of paternity allowance. The NFL does not-- its schedule is static.

NFL QBs don't have the luxury of taking a month or two off from work to focus on their newborn.

I don't much care if he has a dozen nannies or not. When that baby cries or makes a sound-- it is instinctual-- you WILL wake up. Many times per night.
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