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Default Re: PPG: Steelers Report: A Look Back At Disappointing Season

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
6-3 is 6-3.

You only want to look at the overall 8-8 record when it benefits your argument, but then want to be granular and pull apart a 6-3 stretch, while being completely unwilling to examine the 1-5 stretch under the same scrutiny.
It is pretty unbelievable how often Steelers fans cite team records to claim individual players are better than others. I can see why other fans hate us.

I loved the "Charlie Batch" has 2 superbowl rings quote! So funny.

Ike Taylor>Darelle Revis! He has 2 superbowl rings!

Larry Foote>Patrick Willis! He has 2 superbowl rings!

Rashard Mendenhall>Adrian Peterson! He has 2 superbowl rings!
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