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Default Re: PPG: Steelers Report: A Look Back At Disappointing Season

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
If Ben made Haley look better and is so responsible for the outcome of an offense - Ben needs to do a better job of making people look better.

You can't make claims like that and then come back and say he has to do it because he's handcuffed. Ben is capable to improve - which he absolutely must do for the offense to become elite for once.
Actually, yes I can. When stupid plays are called on 1st and 2nd downs with the intent of possessing, and they fail, only then do they call on Ben.

Art Rooney is perfectly capable of not meddling with football operations, especially when a) he has Kevin Colbert, and b) he has a QB that won 2 super bowls already. Stop pretending like Ben has to change his game. Perhaps instead of bitching about Ben not conforming to Haley's offense, they should build an offense around Ben. Did you listen to what Bouchette and Dulac said near the end of the video, or did you cover your ears and go "la la la la la?"

Enough of the marty ball stuff - I've witnessed Ben go for the home run many times when all he had to do was check down, run to the open space 3 yards in front of him for the 1st down, and have seen Brown and Heath wide open for a 10-12 yard gain and see Ben take a sack cause he didn't have the time he wanted to go for the air raid. Ben has been responsible for getting sacked out of field goal range on at least a few occasions because he refuses to throw the ball away or take what the defense gave him. Sure - his skill set has produced some of my favorite memories of him - it is simply not enough anymore.
Maybe if they don't play Marty ball for most of the game, they don't need that FG at the end, and Ben is on the bench.

If he's so responsible for success of an offense - I'd say its a mixed bag - his skill set is something you are relying your whole debate on - and guess what - not 1 elite or even efficient offense has been produced from that skill set alone. He needs a coordinator to help him understand there is more to the QB position than guts. It isn't enough to get to where they need to go - he needs to take his game to the next level on top of the skill set he already has.
And Haley is that guy why? Because your emperor Artie said so? How about they build an offense around HIM instead of an outdated philosophy. Then maybe he'll be more successful.

6-3 is 6-3.

You only want to look at the overall 8-8 record when it benefits your argument, but then want to be granular and pull apart a 6-3 stretch, while being completely unwilling to examine the 1-5 stretch under the same scrutiny.
Two super bowl wins is two super bowl wins. Did that before Artie thought he knew something about NFL offenses.
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