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Default Re: 364/575, 4,179 yards, 33 TD, 10 INT

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
I guess so. You all talk about "reining Ben in" and how important time of possession is, but then you bitch about how the offense doesn't score many points and the pressure usually being on the defense. Guess what - that's what this kind of close to the vest style of offense gets you.
Never said that. Putting words in my mouth.

I said that I thought that pete74 made a great post.

He was saying that Brady plays dink & dunk... and that we all think Brady is a good QB... and that we all like BB... and we think that BB can be even more successful than he already is. Brady has evolved & improved his game, and BB can do that as well.

Reining in, playing close to the vest, and bitching about the offense were not mentioned in his post.

What are you talking about???
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