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Default Re: Cardinals request to interview Todd Haley

Originally Posted by steelfury02 View Post
Again. Overall record is not 100% due to the coordinator.

Can we stop slinging around records as if 1 guy alone is responsible? The assumption that a record is due to 1 guy has no validity. If this wasn't your intention - I ask that you stop throwing records around as an indication. There is much more to a record than an OC. I think the Steelers D would eat you alive if you gave Arians credit alone for the 12-4 record, #2 seed, AFC champ victory, and XLIII victory.
Then don't make excuses for Haley that weren't excuses for Arians. Bad o-lines and injuries were common under Arians, yet it was never an excuse and the Steelers never did this poorly.

By the way, while we're at it - I'll point out that when the defense is having a bad day - generally the offense hasn't been able to carry the team on its shoulders. I remember plenty of close wins - never do I remember a consistent string of strong victories or blowouts BECAUSE OF THE OFFENSE. Also - this was in fact when Ben got to do more of what he wanted during the "Golden Arians years" Which - "he won a 2nd SB didn't he?" Yea - cause of his improv - not because his offense dominated - something that has been missing during Ben's entire tenure - but he is certainly bigger than wanting to become a student and score more often! Good for him! Sounds like a good reason to not be a good teammate, last to arrive, first to leave sorta guy as MANY of his teammates have indicated - POOR POOR QB habits in the film room - which translates to the field. Sandlot fooball would be pretty easy compared to what a true student would have to do to improve.
Ben had to improvise - his offensive line was shit.

You can talk about past clutchness and completing 3rd and longs until youre blue in the face. I appreciate it - how many times do I have to type that? IT ISN'T ENOUGH TO SCORE CONSISTENTLY. Yes, If 3rd downs counted as points, Ben would be #1 in scoring the first half of the season. He and his brosephina Arians were masters of 80 yards - nothing more, nothing less.
You're right, it isn't enough to score consistently - which has been my point all along. The Steelers offense played for possession this season, and that's a big reason why Ben was in so many third and longs because they were trying RUTMs and bubble screens that failed. They kept all 3 speedy receivers 5 to 10 yards from the LOS, hardly sending Wallace deep even as a decoy to stretch the field and keep the defense honest. Eventually defenses caught on to that. I keep typing it, but it keeps going in one ear and out the other. This offense is designed to play close to the vest.

hasn't and cannot do it alone with his skill set - that's all there is to it. He needs his receivers and rbs and scheme like every great QB needed them.
And it's a scheme that doesn't fit. It's a scheme that was rammed down his throat by a meddlesome owner.

"But see those other great QBs weren't handcuffed and they let the QB play to his and his weapons' strengths"

Where is there proof of handcuffing or no handcuffing? Who says handcuffing is wrong if your QB isn't capable of quickly reading defenses, getting the no-huddle snap off at any other time other than when the clock almost hits ZERO, going through his progressions and accepting that he actually has to get smaller chunks of yards or throw it a way to fight another day. Joe Montana looked pretty good with it - so does Brady.
You think waiting until the clock reads zero in no-huddle was Ben's choice? Wow. I'm laughing at you.

That's not on him, that's what the Steelers want. Because even the few times they used no-huddle they're still worrying about time of possession. When the Steelers have scored at the end of the half, Ben wasn't waiting until the play clock read zero to snap the ball.

The handcuffing is pretty obvious by the play calling. RUTM, bubble screens, and end-around in predictable fashion. Know why the Patriots and Broncos run the ball better than the Steelers? They aren't predictable. They don't stubbornly call running plays on first and second downs, thus putting Brady and Manning in fewer third and long situations. They also run out of no-huddle, which is why the Broncos out-rushed the Steelers in that opening game.

Look, just admit it. You're making excuses for Haley because it was Artie's hire. And the prime directive in Yinzer Nation is to make sure the Rooneys never look bad, especially when the star QB can be the villian.
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