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Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Both Heyward and McLendon generated more pressure than Hampton and Keisel when they were on the field. Out of some misguided sense of loyalty, LeBeau decided to play his aging veterans over the younger guys who, on tape, were more effective.

Our DL is fine if we start the young guys.
That's the problem - DL get neutered in Dick's scheme to play 2-gap read and react. Our young guys are better suited at crashing the pocket, but they get broken like stallions in this scheme.

Remember Ta'amu's comments in minicamp? DL are disciplined for getting to the QB. We need new linemen or a new coordinator. If Dick insists on playing two-gap and Hamp and Keis are gone, the defense will get shredded.

Ta‘amu is required to occupy blocks with his wide frame and stay gap-sound rather than use his athleticism to make plays. He found out at minicamp that‘s not as easy as it might seem.

“I got to the quarterback on one play, but the coaches told me that we are a gap team and we don‘t need a Superman, Ta‘amu said

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