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Default Re: The DL dilemma

Originally Posted by kan_t View Post
Or they learn how to be discipline first. They may get to the quarterback on one play. But an un-discipline DL will normally get crushed in many other plays by good QB. Once the players have experience, they would know when is the time to make play or occupy blocks. Hampton in his prime made lots of plays. McLendon has already shown that he can play the NT role nicely. Heyward is also definitely on the right track to fill in.

I don't see that the DL is going to break down like you said.
Good call on McClendon. Dude looks like a force to be reckoned with out there. Don't know what the coaches are not seeing about him.

I do worry about the direction of the defensive line though. That KC game was a perfect example of why. They were running the ball at will through Hood and Woodley's side.
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