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Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Good post.

I've been saying this for awhile. Heyward and Hood are one-gap linemen made to collapse the pocket. They are ideal 4-3 ends.

Instead, we have them trying to occupy two blockers and maintain gaps, that someone with Aaron SMith's huge wingspan was better suited for.

I assumed like many here that when we drafted these guys, the implicit intention was to eventually shift to Tomlin's version of the Tampa-2. Timmons' speed and coverage ability is also a fit for that scheme (Spence as well?). Maybe that is what we are seeing? They will trickel enough 4-3 personnel into the roster until they can make the full-blown shift in scheme?

Everyone thinks Dick Lebeau is untouchable around here.

If we can expect our offensive coordinators to adapt a scheme to fit the personnel we have on the field, why can't we expect the defensive coordinator to use a scheme that works to the advantage of the talent available too?

Maybe that is trying to shoehorn a triangle into the round hole, Dick Lebeau wrote the book on the 3-4 fire blitz-- it is his trademark thing. I don't recall much about him prior to his stints as our defensive coordinator, but has DL ever ran a 4-3 before?

I am also in favor of the saying 'don't fix it if it ain't broken'. We had the #1 defense for pretty much the whole last decade plus more. The defense was defeinitely not perfect this year, but we hardly have much to complain about there.

Games like that K-C outing worry me though. They were basically running the ball at will through Hood's gap. He is not being used properly. and I don't think Heyward will either.
I think Tomlin and Colbert were expecting DL to retire by now , as they can't just fire him ... But Tomlin came from a 4-3 if I'm not mistaking ... and the drafting since he came seems more fitted for the 4-3

DE - Worilds / Heyward
DT - Heyward / Tamu
DT - Hood / Mclendon
De - Woodley / ??

OLB - Timmons /
MLB - ??
OLB - Spence / Sly

Need a MLB and some more DE ... but it could easily work
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