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Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
Yea but wallace does score and so does Miller. I'm sure if brown got better separation in the red zone he would have more touchdowns.

Everyone tears on Wallace for his drops and I agree he had a bad year but he still led the team in touchdowns and yards even in a bad year.
Very true. Brown definitely had an off year, if his first two were any indication of his potential. He got his check and got comfortable. He is fast, but not particularly tall or much of a red zone threat.

But most of Wallace's TDs were off of 45 yard bombers. He doesn't make catches in traffic or in a crowded endzone.

I do like a lot of aspects of Wallace's play, and I think we are a better offense with him. I guess I just don't like the assumption that someone else could not have scored those TDs as well, while also being able to deliver more well-rounded WR play on the field. Our offense would be more balanced without him.

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
All I'm saying is all our WRs sucked. Everyone played poorly. They all need to do some serious work all off season
For sure.

I am pretty confident the Steelers will address their problems. Besides the Oline, I think Tomlin has shown a lot of adaptability and ability to overcome obstacles since coming on board.

They do have to work this offseason.

Despite my argument with Hipchest, I still think they need to seriously address the conditioning program they have in place now.

But he did bring up a good point.

The new rules and shortened OTA's really do hurt the more physical teams. The Ravens had a similar rash of crippling injuries, as did the Giants (if not mistaken) and some other teams. The Ravens still finished ahead partially because they were not fielding an overhauled offensive scheme and did not have as many offensive struggles early on.

If true, then teams like the Steelers not only need to address their conditioning programs, but also their drafting and personnel strategy. Less superstars, but deeper rosters or something.

That goofball commissioner is changing the game too rapidly. The Steelers need to learn to stay one step ahead of his tinkering. He wants to get rid of kickoffs now, which hilariously, would benefit our team because they were that rotten on special teams. It's one less opportunity to get penalized.
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