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Default Re: 364/575, 4,179 yards, 33 TD, 10 INT

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
They also use a ton of no-huddle, do not predictably call RUTMs or bubble screens, and allow Brady to win games early. And Kraft doesn't go on media tours calling for Brady to "change his game." They support and build around their QB, while the Steelers just cling to tradition and hope Ben bails them out whenever that doesn't work.

Did you watch the video with Bouchette and Dulac I posted in the other thread? Listen at the end when they talk about building an offense around Ben. At the beginning of the season, the Steelers kept 4 WRs, 3 TEs (only 1 good one), and 6 RBs. Plax was only added because of injuries to Brown and Cotchery. That is not setting your QB up for success, that's clinging to outdated tradition.

But no, Ben has to shut up and do what Artie says and like it because he can't be wrong.

Because you have people here talk about how they love this offense and time of possession, then go on to bitch about how Ben can't put up Brady/Manning numbers.
As pete74 (and many others have mentioned), the Taperiots run more than the Steelers.

Media tours? What are you talking about?

3 TEs... like the Taperiots???

Again, pete74 compared BB to Brady's dink & dunk offense. YOU apparently do not think that BB can handle (or wants to handle) that type of personal development... because, FYI, Brady indeed develops his offense every single year. You are not for that. I, on the other hand, think that BB can always learn to improve his game (as in a league-leading 3rd down efficiency rating this past season).

Bouchette said it... a beat writer. Uh... hmmm. I posted a thread about Greg Cosell, who is an experienced analyst, who said that Haley was calling the right plays... but, you ignored that... you ignored an actual analyst (unbiased, to boot), in favor of Ed Bouchette (who is extremely opinionated). Regardless, we have been over this road far too many times. I say that Art II wanted to protect his QB, which I think he did... and, you will say that you think that the Steelers are playing scared, or playing Marty-ball, or playing close to the vest... or some other cliche of the week. We'll just have to agree to disagree on whether the offense was indeed structured around BB.

Lastly, when, in agreeing with pete74's post, did I (or he) bitch that BB did not put up Brady numbers??? Please, stop putting words in our mouths.
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