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Originally Posted by Ricco Suavez View Post
Criminal or not people deserve another chance after mistakes, If not then why even have prisons or courts, just convict and then execute. I do not like what Vick did, I do not like him even as a player ,but he served his time and like any other person deserves a chance to regain his place in society. I am not a bleeding heart but I believe in fairness, and one mistake should not ruin a persons life if they can change. This holy than thou carp just because its the Steelers is just that, CRAP, we have had more than our share of "criminals". Harrison arrested for assault and mischief , Ward, DUI Santonio disorderly conduct, domestic violence, and possession, Najeh Davenport, Ernie Holmes to mention a few. We have had our share of problem players , Ta'amu has made a grave error in judgment and should be punished but to throw away a possible talent and even worse to turn your back on a person without even knowing the details would be wrong. Convict him, punish him, if his lawyer can broker a deal that he serves little to no time and the Steelers feel they can use him I am all for at least another year to see what happens.
Shhhhhhhh! The only player you're allowed to bash for off-field issues is Ben! All those other guys are off limits!!!!!!!!
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