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Default Re: 364/575, 4,179 yards, 33 TD, 10 INT

Originally Posted by GoFor7 View Post
How many time does it have to be explained the quantity isn't as important, especially when you consider bubble screens and the end of the half. The Patriots a) aren't as predictable with their running plays, thus giving themselves the option to use it more, and b) run the ball out of no-huddle, which is very effective against a tired defense.

Artie went around the local media to do damage control after he lied about the removal of Arians. He talked about how Ben needed to change his game and other crap. All of Yinzer Nation bitches when Ben complains about getting a new playbook rammed down his throat, but it's okay when Artie doesn't keep it in-house?

Are you seriously comparing Pope and Paulson to Aaron Hernandez?

Right, Brady develops it - it runs around him. Ben gets a new playbook rammed down his throat. Big difference.

1.) They failed to protect Ben - 3 weeks of injury proves that. No excuses just like there were none for Arians.

2.) Artie isn't the football genius you think he is just because of his last name. Sorry I don't drink the Rooney cool-aid.

3.) When did a team win the super bowl playing small ball? You keep bringing up Brady - the Patriots win games early, allowing their running game to take over in the end. The Steelers play close to the vest for most of the game, hoping Ben can bail them out in the end. Big difference. The Patriots attack, the Steelers sit on it and hope the defense keeps them in the game.

4.) Maybe some people, like Bouchette and myself, aren't ready to hang our hats on a three game stretch early in the season - especially when it is clear the Steelers failed to build a proper offense around him. Ben's not a dink-and-dunk QB.

Maybe you don't, but many others on this board do. They can't seem to grasp an offense that plays close to the vest won't score many points regardless of who's playing.
Wait... you are proposing more no huddle??? I have never heard you mention that before. (yawn)

Again, please provide a link that says that Art II wanted to handcuff his QB. Because, everything that I read (e.g. in his press conference) was that he wanted to protect his QB. I've asked you to provide a link, in many other threads... to no avail.

Obviously, Paulson is not Hernandez. You mentioned 3 TEs, as if that was a bad thing, and thus, I was simply pointing out that many teams carry three TEs.

Like I said, we'll just have to agree to disagree on whether this offense was structured around BB.

1) We've been over this. An injury can happen on ANY play; thus, less sacks equals less chance for injury... and the sacks were lower in the first nine games.

3) & 4) Search out the thread on Greg Cosell. I do not enjoy posting the same things over & over... & over... & over... (like some people in this forum do).

2) Seriously, STOP putting words in my mouth. When did I call Art II a genius??? Oh wait... it was probably in the same thread where you admitted to killing kittens for kicks. (Get the point?)
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