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Default Re: The DL dilemma

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
You're not wrong but you're going to get crucified for saying we need a new defensive coordinator. LeBeau is treated like he's a god, despite having a very predictable and very ineffective defensive
scheme that he's clinging onto in hopes it'll keep working.

We need to use the talent that our guys bring and not assign them to fill gaps and, as you put it, neuter their talent. You know who doesn't have this kind of defense and knows how to build a defense around the talent of his guys? Lovie Smith. That's all I'm saying.
I definitely think Tomlin has all the power in the world to fire Lebeau if he wanted to but why in the hell would he want to?

It's not like we've had the best overall defense back to back in the last 2 years with Lebeau...Oh wait we do. Championship games? Superbowls? Check, and check. Great defenses with lots of turnovers? He's called the plays for those. Great defenses with practically no turnovers? He's called the plays for those too. Helping coordinate questionably the best Steelers defense of all time and statistically the 2nd best (2008)? He did that.

So yes let's fire our D-coordinator who is literally by all accounts of measurements both currently and in the recent past #1 in the league. He must be predictable and ineffective. He's only the best

Steelers have addressed the Dline with recent picks in the last couple of years and it's clear the usual faces are getting older and the newer guys will take more snaps. That's just progress. As for changing defensive philosophy's, maybe sometime, with the right personnel. But I truly believe these guys were drafted to continue the trend of the 3-4 defensive system.

Lebeau is a living legend, but that's not why he's the defensive coordinator for the Steelers. He is defensive coordinator for the Steelers because he is the best person for the job
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