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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
I've seen a lot of mocks with us taking mingo or Jordan. Mingo to me doesn't not have the strength the play against nfl caliber lineman he is extremely explosive but will get pushed around in the run game I believe and I don't know if I would happy with mingo.

Jordan is a little raw but has a high ceiling I wouldn't mind the Jordan pick but there is spmething I just don't like about him for some reason idk.

I see a guy like okafor from Texas being a much better nfl player than those two. He has both speed and power when rushing the passer and holds his own against the run. If you watch him he uses he's hands very well to get past lineman. Although 17 might be to high for him, I would rather him be a steeler than those two if you go olb first round.
Mingo's strength is a little bit of an issue, but his speed makes him enough of an asset for him to start over anyone we have. He'll bulk up eventually but he's quick and agile enough to make plays until he's strong enough.

Not liking Jordan because you 'don't know' isn't legitimate, sorry. There are things to not like, but you gotta find something specific that we can talk about.

Okafor is a very good player and he'll have a very good career. However, he doesn't have the speed or potential that Jordan and Mingo have. He's a solid prospect, but he doesn't show elite skills or ability and doesn't excel in any area.
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