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Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Quote me where I said 'fire him'. I didn't say fire him, I said that his scheme is ineffective and predictable which, by players admission , is. Rivers and Romo both go for over 300 yards against our secondary? That's bullshit and shouldn't happen. Oh, it's funny, both of those guys are absolute turnover machines and throw picks like there's no tomorrow, but our secondary didn't get a single interception. Our defense didn't force a single turnover in those games.

Something's gotta give. Did it work 5 years ago? Sure. However, it started to fall apart in the Super Bowl against the Packers and we just haven't rebounded. Someone that knows how to use the talent that is given to them and generate turnovers and sacks would be appreciated.

However, all that said, I wouldn't hate it if he was around next year. I mean, pinning the lack of turnovers on LeBeau can only be credited so far and at some point, the players have to step up and be accountable as well. If around next year, his scheme needs to be updated and dusted off. Giving up all those yards to two underwhelming and borderline bad Quarterbacks isn't acceptable.
Both Rivers and Romo have better career passer ratings and better td-int ratios than Ben. But they are underwhelming and borderline bad quarterbacks? What does that make Ben?

Romo threw for 4900 yards this season- you think some other teams gave up a couple yards too? Is it a coincidence Ike Taylor didn't play and Lewis was hurt when the Chargers had their big game?

Think before you speak please.
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