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Default Re: Wouldn't it be easier to move the Ciny Prison next to the stadium?

Originally Posted by SteelShooter
Cleve, cannot even compare the two. If this were Henry's first time, no probs, it happens to some people. On his second charge, then, well...he's having a rough time. But the third arrest since December? That's an arrest every other month!?!?!

Now, let's look at and compare the charges:

- He did not get off of the street as fast as the LE Official would have liked. And officials even stated in a follow on comment that were it not for the celebrations occurring that weekend, he would "probably" not have even been arrested. = minor.

- 1) Concealed weapon outside of a nightclub. There is no mistaking that. You just do not "forget" that you are armed.
- 2) Possesion of Marijuana. Plead guilty, 'nuff said.
- 3) Driving while under the influence (BAC = .092). Hmmmmm, 82 in a 65 with a .092 BAC. I'm, personally, not all that concerned about his welfare....but what about the possibility/probability of killing some innocent person coming home from work, or returning from a school function? This is not just is blatant "I am better and do not care about other human beings."

Sorry.....but this is a tendency, not an isolated occurrence, and his retribution should be far greater than what will likely occur.
I just hope this is it for Holmes, even Henry had to start somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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