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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Mingo's strength is a little bit of an issue, but his speed makes him enough of an asset for him to start over anyone we have. He'll bulk up eventually but he's quick and agile enough to make plays until he's strong enough.

Not liking Jordan because you 'don't know' isn't legitimate, sorry. There are things to not like, but you gotta find something specific that we can talk about.

Okafor is a very good player and he'll have a very good career. However, he doesn't have the speed or potential that Jordan and Mingo have. He's a solid prospect, but he doesn't show elite skills or ability and doesn't excel in any area.
Mingo strength is a big factor at the next level tackles will eat him up in the run game. Florida had tremendous success at running the ball to his side. Dj flunked bama tackle who isn't know for his pass protection shut him down. For someone who is one dimensional isn't worth our pick at 17. Whatever team he goes to nfl teams should run at him and have plenty of success.

Jordan is in the same boat. He doesn't use his hands well on blockers and when he gets locked on to he struggles to shed off blockers. He relies on his speed and athleticism to much and doesn't process much else when he rushes.

I see and know they both have potential but I'm not sure i would want draft someone at 17 hoping they get stronger to be able to take on blockers.

Okafor excels at both his bull rush and speed rush and uses his hands extremely well to get around blockers and has multiple push rushing moves. And sites that list prospects and have 40 times on them (given I don't know where they get them but none the less has some credibility to it, so take it with a grain of salt) hav mingo in the 4.6 and Jordan 4.6 4.7and okafor 4.7.

Again I think 17 might be to high for okafor as well I just see him being a lot better prospect who isn't raw.
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