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Default Re: Who to draft in 2013?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
It's funny - every time I post something I come back to the thread, and holy shit, LloydWoodson has disagreed with me. Well, that doesn't surprise me.

So, you're lecturing me about a guy I've seen every game of but you admitted you 'don't watch college football'? No, that shit isn't happening right now. If you don't watch college ball, don't tell me what prospects are worth something. He isn't 'terrible against blockers' and needs to put on size and build strength - something I've already said.

Everything you just said about Jordan also applies to Barkevious Mingo. He isn't strong enough to disengage blockers but has the speed to get around them. Is this a joke? I feel like I'm living in the fucking twilight zone right now.

Here's a tip: if you don't watch college ball, don't come in here and add your two cents based on YouTube videos.
All I was doing was agreeing with WokeUp after you so rudely dismissed him.

The only comment I made regarding the two players was saying Jordan is terrible against the run- which you appreantly agree with- and that LSU players are better coached. Which you should agree with.

-Jordan played in a 47th ranked Wide 9 Oregon defense that went out of its way to isolate him 1 on 1 with tackles and even running backs. Jordan was almost never double teamed and on a lot of plays he made was actually unblocked. Oregon's DC actually employed an offense-like zone-blocking scheme on his defense where Oregon would chip the tackle blocking Jordan on some plays.

-Jordan is a former TE. He switched to DE in 2010. His DC at Oregon was a former RB and RB coach who switched to DC late in his career.

-Jordan does everything he can to avoid contact, including backing up for more than a yard to shed blocks.

-Mingo played in an 7th ranked NFL-style 4-3 that has produced more current defensive standouts than any other school in the NFL.

-Mingo comes from the 7th ranked defense in college. His DC was a defensive player who has 30 years experience. Mingo played linebacker in high school and has never played offense.

-Mingo engages blockers and has drawn criticism for not doing so well enough.

-Most mocks have Mingo going in the mid-1st (often to the Steelers) while Jordan is usually projected as a 2nd round pick.

I am not saying Mingo is responsible for his team's success- he had way more talent around him- I am saying he learned from better teachers and there is a reason top defensive players go to LSU so often.
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