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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

I used to hate the Patriots more than anything. I remember both those AFC Championship games. The first one sucked, but by that point I was accustomed to coming close and losing. We wouldn't have beaten the Rams, anyway. Kordell was destined to never win one. The second one, though... that was our year. That was when it was all coming together. We were the best team in the league that year. I remember tearing up when Plaxico caught that touchdown in front of a dead silent crowd. He caught the ball, turned around, and just walked down the sideline. The game was already over then, and the touchdown was meaningless. I hear he ran back into them later on.

After winning two and seeing the 07 Patriots be the best team of all time and still come up short, not to mention the OTHER time they lost to Eli in the Super Bowl, i'm over it. They were the team of the 2000's. We were 2nd best. We played Oakland to their Pittsburgh. The two best teams of the last decade played in the same conference, and one was better than the other. It's ok. I've accepted that. We weren't a second dynasty because of them, but there are still 6 Lombardi's in only one place.

I actually rooted for them against Baltimore last year. There are a lot of idiot Patriots fans, which is to be expected with Boston not having yet been hit by the meteor that the rest of the nation prays for, but Baltimore fans are the worst. They are such a violent bunch of delusional, vitriolic, confused and belligerent people. They think that their team is a dynasty in the making because they finally beat us a few times. They didn't beat the 08 Steelers. They won 3 regular season games, and then commenced the pissing away of the fruits of their good fortune that last 2 years are our version of rebuilding. I don't like their whiny ass team, and I don't like their silly fans. I would gladly take another Patriots Super Bowl over them sending Ray Lewis off with a Lombardi.

I hope it's Brady @ Manning the AFC Championship. The two greats at the end of their careers, playing what will be most likely the last time the meet in a game like that.
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