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Default Re: Is wrong That I hate the Cheats more than the Rats

It actually feels nice not to hate the Steelers. I don't hate the Steelers and I don't hate the Colts (I really just hated Peyton). I sort of just let old grudges die when you finally beat us in that regular season game last season.

It's of course because we're not presently competing for championships but it's actually a nice change of pace to bury the hatchet (for my part) with the Steelers after a decade long war for the AFC. I was actually rooting for you this season.

Hopefully the next generation of Patriots and Steelers won't disappoint and we can return to feeling a natural, instinctive, God given hatred for one another.
Some of my fondest football memories involve praying, cursing, cheering and Pittsburgh Steeler uniforms.
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