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Default Purge salaries, build for 2014

The worst thing the Steelers can do this offseason is to let young guys like Wallace and Lewis walk and bring back expensive, over the hill vets to make one more run in 2013. Can't keep kicking salary down the road.

You also have to find out what you have in young guys like Worilds, Sylvester, Heyward, McClendon, and Allen and Brown in the secondary. If they stink, you know what you need in 2014. If you bench them for another year for guys in their mid-30's, you delay the process.

Indy purged a ton this past offseason. Worked pretty well for them.

Also, and this is where I have no faith in the staff and FO, but it's time to build around your young talent. Build a defense around penetrating one-gap DL, build an offense around a franchise QB in his prime and his myriad weapons, not Jonathan Dwyer and Ike Redman for chrissakes. Still trying to wrap my head around that one.

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