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Default Re: Steelers face more questions than answers

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
Don't bother arguing with a Tomlin hater, they let blind, unwarranted hate dictate their arguments rather than logic.
I don't hate Tomlin, I just don't see him doing good things as a HC. He may have been an excellent positions coach, and he is a great corporate publicist, but I don't see him doing anything as a HC to help his team. Everything that got this team to the superbowl during his tenure was made by the FO or Bill Cowher. Cowher's gone, but the FO will still be here for a long time. We, "haters" think that those of you who expect Tomlin to be immune to valid criticism are the ones who are blind. Personally, I'd love to see Tomlin make some smart coaching decisions, but after him being here for 6 years I'm still waiting for the first one. So far ownership has had to become more hands on than they used to be to counterbalance his ability to be boneheaded. Maybe that's what gave us the 8-8 season, or maybe it was Tomlin. I know how it looks to me. It looks different to you. At least one of us is wrong.
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