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Default Re: We could lose 4 key veterans

Posted this in another thread ... but it fits here too ...

keep holding onto the past and your future falls through your fingers

Clark - 33 yrs old - Stepped up this year ... but his time is coming, thankfully he never really relied on athleticism and more on his IQ and instincts...

Foote - 32 yrs old - Foote had a OK year this year with tackles , but He got burned in pass coverage wayyyyyy to much for the new NFL ... overall I wouldn't mind having him back if the price was right and only for a backup

Hampton - 35 yrs old - Boooo , Mclendon played better than him all year when given a chance ... Thanks Hampton but your time is up

Harrison - 34 yrs old - 6 Sacks , was he even on the field?? , Worilds had 5 with I'm guessing not even half as much playing time ... Thanks James but your run is over

Keisel - 34 yrs old - Overal not a bad year, but cost us with a couple of offsides, and with 1st round picks spent on taking over his position ... you have to let the 1st rounder take over, not just let them Rot on the bench for loyalty ... would really rather him not be back , but My guess is he will be and that'll be another year a 1st round pick is rotting away on the bench

Troy - 31 yrs old - Everybody and their mom agrees a shell of his former self ... He'll be back unless he retires ... Hopefully can stay healthy but I would rather have his money back on the books to have options to sign a younger play maker like Mike Wallace or whatever

Miller - 30 yrs old - coming off tearing his knee up - Great year , Great Player , but doubt he'll be ready for the beginning of the season

Woodley - 27 yrs old - Threw him on here because he got his big contract and seem like he doesn't care anymore ... GET INTO SHAPE

I'm sorry but they are in a rebuilding/reloading stage ... and they have been in the draft in the past years getting ready for this change ... but they won't let the players play because the older not productive anymore players are still around...

Keisel (Heyward , production doesn't drop off any from the switch)
Hampton (Mcclendon, production goes up with the switch)
Harrison (Worilds, Carter ... production doesn't drop , maybe goes up with the switch)
Foote ( Sly, Spence ... I don't think production drops much, and get a better pass coverage with the switch)
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