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Default Re: Tired of Being in Cap Hell Every Year

Originally Posted by pittpete View Post
Ziggy showed a lot of improvement this year?
Really don't know how that can be said from watching the games.
Remember the KC game?
The beginning of the year all teams did was run at Ziggy.
For a 1st round pick in his 3rd year he hasn't lived up to the pick IMO
The majority of teams run to the strong side a majority of the time (just ask Arians). Usually the better guard is on the left side protecting the QB's blind side and is a better puller. The LG pulls to the right side which is overloaded with a TE.

LE is going to be run at more than RE.

Ziggy is a good player. He is a tireless worker who put on a lot of muscle last offseason and will continue to get better year after year. Ziggy is in a poor system for his play style as people have mentioned over and over - he is doing his absolute best. Great pick of a great character player who produces imo.

Timmons has been good for the last 3 years: 2010 135 tackles 3 sacks 2 ints 2 FF

^^^ People were still calling him a bust even before this year started. Why? Because he struggled playing 3 different positions in 2011. Timmons should be a 2-time Probowler but getting no love and no hype from Steelers Nation isn't going to get him there.

Not sure why every 1st rounder is supposed to be the best at their position from year 1 in your minds but that is wrong.
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