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Default Re: Tired of Being in Cap Hell Every Year

-Evander was a horrible pick for a 3-4 defense. Never liked the pick and still don't. Not a very good pick but at least he was the last pick in the first round. Not a good fit for our team.

-I was never a Worilds fan and think he was overrated as a prospect at Vtech. He can't hold Harrison's jock.

-Woodley was way overpaid. I was never sold on him being an elite OLB. Without Harrison he's average.

That's a summary of why our defense is falling apart.

Why it's not a complete loss:

Timmons is a monster. He just needs another athletic linebacker next to him so he can have flexibility regarding rushing or dropping back. Hopefully the undersized Sean Spence will live up to the hype.

Keenan Lewis/Cortez have shown flashes of becoming a decent corners. Nothing elite but good enough.

Will Allen has done a pretty good job of taking over for Polamalu.

Ryan Clark still has it.

Our #1 priorities in the draft are OLB/ILB or a 1st round corner/safety.
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