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Default Re: Tired of Being in Cap Hell Every Year

Why is every thread turning into a "bash the players" thread?

This is why I am trying to get Steelers fans to hold Ben accountable. So far not so lucky.

Bash all the players on the defense except Clark, Timmons and Keisel.

A defense that was 1st against the pass and 2nd against the run.

"Fire Lebeau" and "Fire Haley" threads pop up. RBs need to go, the OL needs to go, Wallace and Mendedhall need to go. (Brown screwed up as much as Wallace but he's a hero for not holding out).

Meanwhile the QB of the 22nd ranked offense, who counts more against the cap than P Manning, Brees or Rodgers next year, who has consistently been surrounded with more talent gets no blame for HIS offense's mediocre performance, and is held as the savior of the franchise.
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