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Default Re: Off Season Moves- If I were in Charge

Originally Posted by Set-Man View Post
Thanks for the post.

I would not cut Woodley or Keisel. I know everybody is down on Woodley but he is the only really good OLB we have. He did have a down year but seemed limited by his hammy.
If Harrison doesn't restructure his contract I would cut him. He is looking old and won't hold up for a full year.

I would also get rid of a lot of the names mentioned: Leftwich, Wallace (they won't franchise him and he isn't worth 10 million in my opinion), Hampton, Pope, Colon, & Mendenhall.

It is time for Mclendon, Hood, and Heyward to play. Keisel can be there in case Heyward doesn't cut it.
I would definitely not cut Spence until we see what he has after recovering from his injury.

We should be able to pick up a decent RB off the free agent wire. Did you see Harris last night playing for the Pack? He looked like a smaller Marshawn lynch for the few plays I saw him play.

Any free agent p/u's would be great if we can get them.

I am sorry but Troy's best days are way behind him. he can't stay healthy and is a liability in the secondary in terms of coverage. Time to start looking at the FS from Florida if he is available at #17.
Can't cut much dead cap Money....Keisel is 34 and as i posted before makes way to much money.
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