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Default Re: Steelers face more questions than answers

Originally Posted by fer522 View Post
I read this and now I'm so fucking depress
I read this and think next year will be pretty good. Why?

#1 - Troy came on at the end of the season... it's been a long time since Troy looked like Troy... I think next year Troy will be back to his usual pro-bowl self.

#2 - Our O-line is finally looking like it can do something... they are young and talented.... with the potential to be very good.

#3 - The Front office finally got the message that our RB's suck... we need a legit RB to replace Mendy. They will hear that message loud and clear and IMO will most likely deliver.. Why? because they don't want the team owner to look like a moron....that's why.

#4 - IF we resign Lewis - I think we'll have one of the best secondary's in the NFL.

#5 - Ben was embarrassed. He was awful in the 2nd half and he knows it... He's also getting older and he is now realizing he needs to be in better condition... every great QB has this realization...and when they do...they have a 2nd push of their careers.... Ben's got a lot of bills to pay and a big ego... nothing motivates like embarrassment and the risk of losing it all.

#6 The loss of Heath Miller means the coaching staff and Front office need to pay serious attention to Ben's targets... sure it's a problem now.. but the front office knows it ..and has plenty of time to fix it.

#7 Can we be much worse then we were this year? Ben can no longer use the "I can't understand the playbook" excuse... Our defense might take a step backwards but I expect our offense to take a step forward...

#8 turnover margin... we can't possibly have this few of turnovers again next year... it can only get better.

#9 James Harrison - will re-sign and be back to his old self. He really came on late this season.
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