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Default Re: The DL dilemma

Originally Posted by madtowndrunkard View Post
This idea that Dick Lebeau needs to go so we can change to a 4-3 is just ridiculous.... Once again we were the #1 defense in the league... top 5 any way you slice it. So why would want to abandon what is working? "our guys are getting old!... .TIME to throw everything out the window and start new!" WTF is that? Why ? We've been using this scheme for how many decades now? ...and pretty much every year's been working great... with very few exceptions. Just because few teams can seem to figure out how to dominate with our scheme...doesn't mean we should follow them into the land of mediocrity.
Thank you for some solid reasoning.

Somehow the fan base forgets that a 3-4 defense should be about the LB's. Yeah we put a good defense on the field, but need more plays from the 4 guys at LB and less worrying about our D line getting sacks.

Time to find replacements for Foote and Harrison. Hopefully Spence can rehab and start next season.
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