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Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
Thank you for some solid reasoning.

Somehow the fan base forgets that a 3-4 defense should be about the LB's. Yeah we put a good defense on the field, but need more plays from the 4 guys at LB and less worrying about our D line getting sacks.

Time to find replacements for Foote and Harrison. Hopefully Spence can rehab and start next season.

It's unbelievable how much complaining and bashing our defense gets... we were #1 in the league in team defense...and have pretty much been in the top 5 for the last 20 years. Imagine if we were consistently ranked #10 or even #15 ? People would go crazy right?

Steeler fans go absolutely nuts when our defense allows a TD drive...and if it's in the 4th quarter - we're the worst defense in the league. God forbid we give up 21 or more points in a game... then 99% of all steeler fans will say the defense killed us... we might have only scored 10 points...but it was our defense that let us down. Everyone seems to forget the fact that typically 25 or more teams teams actually have worse defenses then we do.

Then to add more humor to the craziness that is steeler fan... Big Ben is considered the best QB in the league... 99% will tell you he's at least a top 5 QB at worst....he's the 2nd coming of Brett Favre according to my fellow steeler fans. When Ben's offense struggles to's the fault of the RB, the Oline, or the offensive coordinator. While for a few years I'd agree Arians wasn't excelling at his job...but after a while you have to ask.... Why can't Ben score points more consistently? Typically on any given season our offense is ranked near the middle .... but it's usually the defense that gets the most questions.

Until our defense is ranked in the bottom half of the league... I don't want to read another insane post about getting rid of Dick LeBeau or switching to the 4-3.
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